PRISMA Collective.

An artist community.

PRISMA is an international artist collective I founded in 2011. Around that time, I was utterly frustrated about my lack of artist pals, or a kind of network that would help me with my first steps into the art world. I had no idea how to get my work out there, who to talk to, how to make friends with the people I followed and admired.

When I first contacted some of the artists I liked and suggested we would do a collaborative piece together, I was surprised to discover that they had not only heard of me and my work already but that they were also fans of each other. Growing up in a bleak, educationally alienated environment where I was always the odd one out, I had long been longing to be part of a group of likeminded people, so I decided to gather up some courage and put together a group like that myself.

It was a bit of a snowball effect that allowed for PRISMA to quickly add more and more exciting and big names to our roster—the kind of network I had been looking for where one artist knows the other, and we created a safe place hidden away from the public that gave us the room to share experiences and the highs and lows of being a creative professional.

After five years of working with PRISMA, I have learned how to curate gallery shows, produce merchandise and an art book. How to bring people together and to cherish the solidarity of a collective. I have learned how to be patient, how to grow from my mistakes, how to listen, how to share with others, how to be thankful for their kind spirits and support.

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